PickleBall Paddle Cleanser - New Product !

This great new product solves a great problem. 

Dirt on your paddle negatively impacts your paddle's performance and most importantly impacts your shots.  The Paddle Cleanse Kit prevents the build-up of debris that affects the microgroove structure of paddle faces.

The kit's formula adheres to USAPA guidelines since it doesn't leave residue on your paddle's surface. 

Grime and dirt on your paddle impact your shot control and consistency. Paddle manufacturers skillfully craft the surface of the paddle to optimize performance. Paddle-Cleanse works on all paddles and delicately removes dirt without impacting the paddle materials. It will even clean your grip!

It's critical to RESTORE YOUR PADDLE FACE to the  ORIGINAL CONDITION to optimize the paddle and your game.


Paddle-Cleanser Removes:

  • Grease
  •  Grime
  • Dirt
  • Oil
  • Adhesive  AND MUCH MORE!

What's Included

The PaddleCleanse Kit Includes:

  • Spray Bottle for easy application
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Soft Scrub Pad for stubborn stains
  • Drawstring Carrying Bag
  • Instructions 
  • Colors May Vary

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