Pyschology of Pickleball

We are excited to launch the Psychology of Pickleball Section.

As I've been coaching, it has become appararent that pickleball is a mental game as much as a skill-based game. I've developed a program that is creating amazing results with players.  As part of the program, after the lesson and drilling, we incorporate interactive game playing..  Anyone can hit 9 out of 10 drop shots during a lesson but when it comes to game play, people resort back to their comfort zone.

It's a several part process to understand a person and what motivates them in addition to how that converts to their playing style.

Each blog post will address each of these critical areas:

  • Learning about the player: sports background, competitive vs recreational mindset, personality type (driven, mellow, social,etc)
  • Changing Habits - Rewarding Smart Pickleball
  • Becoming the Best They can be with their Unique Tool Kit
  • Creating visual cues and stroke suggestions to break bad shot choices
  • Matching your playing style with your partner
  • Strategy- How to Read the Paddle, Fail Fast and Assess the Competition