Interactive Point Analysis Playing Clinics

Often you hear a player say "I should have had that" when a ball is being slammed at their feet.  The problem wasn't their fault, the error that enabled the slam happened two points before that shot.  

The Point Analysis Drill is designed to teach players the right shot choice at the right time.  This is the critical skill that is needed to improve your game at any level.

This FUN, INTERACTIVE Playing Clinic helps players:

  • Be in the RIGHT PLACE  to reduce errors to give you a competitive advantage
  • Understand & Identify the “Best Shot Choice” in various situations
  • Understand & identify the other team’s strengths & change your strategy to win
  • Reduce the possibility of injuries
  • Work as a TEAM with your partner to set up points & close successfully
  • Learn the importance of the soft game and utilize it to RESET THE POINT


Pickleball University Point Analysis Drills include top-level teachers and coaches.

In the Orange County area, we are honored to include Phil Dunmeyer and Mike Fisher, two top-ranked players and superb teachers.

The group is divided into groups by skill levels the players play a point, then play is stopped and asked "What went wrong? How was that point won?"   This drill really helps players understand how their shots turned them from offensive to defense and how to cover the court with their partner as a team.

It's our most requested program. We love teaching it as much as our students request it. 


BOOK IT NOW for your club or friends. .  Minimum amount of participants- 8 players, Maximum amount depends on the number of courts.