PLAYING TIP : Keep the Ball in Play

June 17, 2019

PLAYING TIP : Keep the Ball in Play


 The game of Pickleball is won by who keeps the ball in the most and make the least mistakes.

If you keep the ball in play you will most likely win the game (unless the other team is just that much better than you and are making great shots).
Many players want what we call the ‘thrill factor’.They want to hit that one shot that makes everyone cheer. The issue is you’ll miss that shot half the time. If you hit a shot you know you can make 9 out of 10 times, the only way you will lose is if your opponents do the same thing. Let your opponents go for those winners (which they will only make 50% of the time), and just keep the ball in hitting those shots you know you can make


Even if you think you hit a high lob - please don't yell "Uh Oh"

Quickly communicate with your partner, get into the right position and reset the point.
Never give up, long rallies are the most fun part of pickleball.